Scientific Council

It is expected that the Scientific Council advise and stimulate FEDERG on key scientific issues and in representing Inherited Kidney Disorders European patients in the relevant institutions, help FEDERG in developing patient associations wherever needed and help FEDERG in support of national associations for disseminating proper information to patients.

The role of the SC is multifold as specified in the status as below.

  • provide advice and recommendations to the governing body in matters of research support for projects, funded by FEDERG or simply-supported it;
  • promote communication between research groups and professionals of health across Europe and the rest of the world, in order to ensure maximum visibility of research, avoid duplication and advance knowledge at the best pace possible;
  • be proactive in generating research proposals and soliciting funds for projects carried out by scientific groups including members of the Scientific Council. In such a case, special attention will be required to avoid any conflict of interest;
  • be heavily involved at European level in the Organization of conferences on renal diseases of genetic origin.


The Scientific Council of FEDERG


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